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About Us
Amar started its operations in 1944 and is exporting high quality components to West European countries since 1971. Amar started manufacturing components for the medical industry in 2005. We specialize in a wide variety of components meant for the aided vehicles. Amar components meet the most stringent international quality standards.

The products include sheet metal components, hot and cold forged alloy and steel components, machined component, plastic molded components, turned components, tubular components and assemblies with various finishes like powder coating, liquid painting, nickel chrome plating and zinc plating.

High and consistent quality products, development exclusivity, excellent logistic, tracking and reporting, quick development, timely deliveries, competitive pricing, and personalized service are some of the benefits of dealing with Amar.

We take pride in guaranteeing, that any company which deals with Amar once, insists on continuing the relation. We have implemented good manufacturing systems like 5S, 3M and Kaizen help us to focus on continuous improvement to achieve efficiency for providing world class products to our customers. We follow the law of land to facilitate a safe and healthy work place to our employees.